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Lion Fore was founded in January 2014 by Mass Group Holding Ltd and Alabsher Company. And legally able to operate throughout whole of Iraq Mass Group Holding Ltd (MGH) produces electrical energy, cement, and steel, along with other basic industrial and service products. Our focus is on: Electricity generation: the current production capacity of our three build, operate, and own (BOO) power stations is 2500 MW, to reach 3500 MW through converting to combined cycle by the year 2014. Cement: current annual production capacity is around 7.5 million tons, reaching 11.5 million by 2014. Steel and Iron: current annual production capacity is 1.25 million tons, which is expected to double soon. Urea: MGH has started constructing a urea project with an annual capacity of 1.38 million tons, one of the biggest of its kind in the industry.
In a world of rapidly evolving geopolitical change we saw the need for a company that understood how to respond to new threats and on other hand, because Mass Group Holding Ltd has many huge projects, so the reality of the situation imposed on us in order to establish strong security company and be trustworthy at the same time, in order to protect our projects and other companies projects.
Lion Fore Company is providing a full security solution to individuals, oil and gas sectors, Private sectors, groups, NGOs, Government, and Diplomatics.
We will ensure that all our security staff members are highly trained; and capable to handle any situation with which they may be presented. Lion Force quickly earned a reputation for the professionalism of its management team and the quality of its highly skilled Security Officers. Our Clients is our most valuable asset. We know what it takes to keep you and your business safe, but more importantly, we know how to add value to you/your company by providing superior and credibility services with attention to detail.
Regarding electronic security installation and related services we are ready to use the latest technologies and solutions. On other Hand Lion Force adopts a zero-tolerance attitude toward abuse of drugs and alcohol and our employees are randomly selected to undergo tests.
1- Transportation services from / to the airport.
2- Armed and Unarmed Escorts/Manned Guarding.
3- Armored Vehicle Leasing.
4- Convoy Escorts.
5- Diplomatic/Executive/Experts/VIP Protection.
6- Entry Control and Perimeter Security.
7- Low Profile Security Solutions.
8- Front of House Security.