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sites security

Provides protection services for the sites by providing protection teams or regulations technological services: Houses •Hotels and resorts •Banks and jewelry stores •Universities and educational centers •Offices of international committees and their homes •Private and government offices •Energy and Water Resources •Commercial buildings and complexes •Factories •Events and exhibitions •Oil and gas facilities...
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vip protection

Lion Force provides high quality of private security services to protect Characters(VIP) and providing unique and challenging security needs, lion Force Group Company has bodyguards specially trained with considerable experience officers and specialists in the field of security and personal guard and self-defense as providing protection services that are compatible with the demands and destination...
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convoy & escort

The lion force company providing services and Remote monitoring systems with the best and sophisticated systems where we are working with specialized partners in this Area, where we provide surveillance by cameras and Internet protocols solutions to connect the systems with intelligent devices and Remote monitoring systems for customers according to their needs and the...
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